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EMF | Mechanische Verbinding

Narviflex is proud to announce the newest innovation in the urethane timing belt industry, 

EMF Mechanical Fastening System 
Machine designers and builders appreciate the cost savings associated with being able to design their equipment around the installation principle of EMF. 
EMF has no exposed metal parts, therefore no metal contact is made with pulleys, so it runs very quiet. Since there are no exposed metal parts, EMF will not damage conveyed products like competing metal based mechanical fastening alternatives. 
EMF maintains the same minimum pulley requirements as the belt and can operate with back bend idlers. 
EMF is excellent for belt applications with special backings such as Linatex, Supergrip, PVC, Fishbone, etc. EMF fits snug, which eliminates gaps otherwise seen in competing designs. 
EMF is suitable for belts with profiles for quick installation, saving time and money. 

EMF installs in seconds, making it the fastest timing belt installation for product conveyance. There is no need for time-consuming field welding. 
EMF is simple to install and requires no cumbersome or expensive field welding equipment. 
EMF can be custom designed according to the application strength needed. EMF can reach the same strength ad the traditional welding. 
EMF is available on all pitches, making it a "must have" for all of your  conveying applications.