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MD127 GAP50% - Open Area 50%

Für kleine Übergänge geeignetes Modul Gurt mit großem Durchgang von 50 %

MD127 GAP50% - Open Area 50%

Product Features and Functional Benefits :

- Belt provides optimal open area for drainage and airflow.

- Less friction and product contact for easy cooking, cooling and freezing

of products.

- Reduced dirt and oxide build due to self cleaning surface.

- Easy to clean reduces downtime for cleaning time 80%.

Applications :

• Bakery Applications : Including Oven Infeed - Outfeed, Coating Lines, Glazing Lines, Freezing Lines, Conditioning Lines, Cooling Lines

• Poultry Applications : Cooling and Freezing Lines

• Seafood Applications : Including Breading Machines, Draining Lines

• Snack Food Applications : Including Proofer Lines, Boiler Infeed, Oven Infeed - Outfeed, Cooling Lines

• Fruits and Vegetables Applications : Including Prewashing / Rinsing, Draining

• Packing Industry : Shrink Tunnels

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