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MP80 NP – Micropitch – Negative Pyramidenoberfläche

Die Micropitch-Gliederbänder haben eine sehr kleine Teilung von 8 mm und können sogar über Messerübergänge gehen. Der MP80 NP verfügt über eine Oberfläche mit einem kleinen negativen Diamantprofil.

MP80 NP – Micropitch – Negative Pyramidenoberfläche
  • Closed surface with inverted pyramid pattern.

  • Provides superb release characteristics when conveying wet or sticky products

  • Micropitch series with small transfer gaps for tight transfer.

  • Designed to run over nosebars/knife edges or rollers with a radius down to 3 mm (0.12 inch) allowing, precise transfer of even the smallest products.

  • Optimal design of sprocket teeth, and belt underside provides superior sprocket engagement, safe belt tracking and favorable cleanability.

  • Headless pin making it very easy to install and remove the belt for maintenance.

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