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RX 400/3 2+0 GLIJ

Wear-resistant rubber conveyor belt, thickness 5 mm, for slide support (with fabric underside)

Wear-resistant rubber conveyor belt, thickness 5 mm, for slide support (with fabric underside)
General Features:

  • Band produced on the RotaCure presses. This gives a nice flat belt, with a homogeneous coating.

  • Strap has fabric underlay. These belts are used for walking on slide support. Given the low friction of the tire on the underside, the drive drum must be covered with rubber, type ETR70 (black, checked). A ceramic covering should not be used with belts with a sliding bottom, as this will damage the fabric on the underside.

  • DIN 22102 type W tires are the most wear-resistant (wear value guaranteed < 90 mm3). Usually the tires that are on the market in the Benelux only have a very moderate wear value of < 150 mm3 (Type Y). In this case, the lower the wear value, the less volume loss during the abrasion test according to DIN standard and the less material that can be abraded during the test, the more wear-resistant the tire!

Technical Data:


RX 400/3 2+0 SLIDE (In stock)

Coating quality

Type W, highest anti-wear class

Number of inserts


Tensile strength

400 N/mm

Band thickness


Thickness of top layer


Thickness of undercoating layer

0 mm (fabric backing)

Minimum drum diameters


Standard Widths (in stock):

DIN 22102 Standard Widths: 500, 600, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, and 2000 mm. Other widths can be cut. Wider than 2 m also possible, using hot longitudinal welding.

DIN 22102 Permitted Length Tolerances:

Endless welded belts

-Up to 15,000 mm length: +/- 50 mm

-From 15,000 to 20,000 mm length: +/- 75 mm

-Longer than 20,000 mm: +/- 0.5%

Non-Endless (Open) Tapes

-In one length: + 2.5%

-In multiple lengths:

-Each part length: +/- 5%

-Total of the part lengths: + 2.5%

-Stock lengths: +/- 5%

DIN 22102 Allowed Width Tolerances:

  • Band widths 300, 400 and 500 mm: +/- 5 mm

  • Belt widths from 650 mm to 3200 mm: +/- 1%

Data Sheet

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