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HC127 C - Closed Surface

High Clean - Bande modulaire hygiénique et facile à nettoyer de 0,5", adaptée aux petites transitions

HC127 C - Closed Surface

Product Features and Functional Benefits :

- Easy to clean reduces downtime for cleaning time 80%.

- Unique sprocket engagement - higher product load and longer conveyors.

- Close transfer applications.

- Reduces bacteria growth.

Applications :

• Meat (Beef and Pork) Applications : Fat - Trim Lines, General Conveyence, Packing Lines, Elevator

• Poultry Applications : Debonning, Trim Lines, Offal - Feather Lines, Grading Lines, Freezing Lines, Elevator

• Seafood Applications : Inspection Tables, Grading Lines, Trim Lines

• Bakery Applications : Row Dough Handling, Cooling Lines, Packing Lines

• Snack Food Applications : Corn Processing

• Fruits and Vegetables Applications : Bulk Feeding, Elevator, Control - Sorting Table

• Packaging Applications : Labelling, Palletizing - Depallettizing

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