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Racloflex SW (U-Scraper)

Main scraper with carbide scraping tips, mounted on a PU body with lever system, which adapts to the (irregular) wear of the belt. This scraper self-adjusts and adjusts over the life of the belt and scraper blade.

Racloflex SW (U-Scraper)
  • Blade automatically adapts to the product, wear and condition of the belt.

  • Available with PU blade or PU blade with Tungsten Carbide scraping tips (for abrasive product)

  • Maximum belt speed: 3 m/s (5 m/s for the HD Heavy Duty)

  • Bandwidths 500-1400 mm (1400-2000 mm for the HD version)

  • Not suitable for two-way tape (in that case use RacloFlex N)

  • The RacloFlex Sw is compact and requires little space.

  • The round cross bar on which the scraper blade is mounted is clamped on both sides to a system that contains rubber blocks and therefore absorbs shocks (together with the PU of the blade). So double damping.

  • Replacing the scraper blade is child's play: insert a screwdriver or special wrench and inside there is a lever system that lifts the scraper blade out of its mounting.

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