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Rubber Products and Waterjet

More stock and more machines means that we can make more products for you and faster!

Rubber Producten en Waterjet snijden Narviflex

Waterjet Cutting

Our materials (PU, Rubber, PVC, Conveyor belts) are not so easy to cut, especially if they are a bit thicker. For this we have machines that can cut directly from the CAD DXF File.

But we do not always need a CAD File from you, these machines can be parameterized, for example we can enter length and width, quantities, holes, slotted holes, etc. and the machines automatically create the necessary cutting files.

Our 3D STM Waterjet is a unique machine, due to its large working surface and the ability to water jet at an angle. 


Funnels and Gaskets

For these two product groups, we dare to say that we are the ideal partner for you:

  • We simply have all basic materials in stock, in all thicknesses

  • We have CNC solutions for cutting, via CNC cutters or via the waterjet

  • Vulcanizing rubber or welding plastics obviously pose no problems for us.

Manchetten en Dichtingen Narviflex - Rechthoekige manchetten met flenzen uit natuurrubber RedFine Plus
Stroken en Platen in PU Rubber en PVC

Narviflex stocks almost all types of rubber (SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, NR, SILICONE, etc.), as rubber for General Applications, but also in High-Quality Versions (Blackrock, RedFine Plus, YellowFine), often for use in dump points and applications that cause a lot of wear and tear.

You can also contact us for one of the best flexible plastics available: Poly-Urethane, both in the well-known Ocher brown version (various hardnesses), but also in transparent, white and blue food-approved versions (Narvistar). We also stock the panels for coverings (RH), with cotton backing or expanded metal backing.

We also have a range of tarpaulins, usually made of flexible PVC, but always stronger and thicker than what is known as “bâche”. With us we start at thickness 0.9 mm and then go to 1.5 mm (“Karredoek”)

Search Complete Materials Database

You don't know whether the material is cut CNC Zünd or Waterjet? Or are you looking for materials suitable for lagging? Or for Funnels?

Then search our entire database, including selection criteria!

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