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Drums and Idlers factory

Without drums and rollers, there is no conveyor belt installation!

Opspanning van een door Narviflex geproduceerde keertrommel

Production Drums

Thedrum factory of Narviflex produces thousandsdrums per year. What is unique is that we not only...drums making, but also, in-housedrums and waltzes cover with rubber, PVC or PU and this can be done by means of cold vulcanization (gluing process) or hot vulcanization (in the autoclave).


Idlers - Heavy Duty

These rollers are usually used in the bulk industry for installations with rubber conveyor belts. In addition to the classic steel carrier rollers, the Narviflex roller factory goes much further, with rollers that have a lifespan of five times the normal duration, such as rollers with our composite technology or coated with polyurethane as standard.

Narviflex MC-Idler PU - Heavy Duty draagrollen die standaard voorzien zijn van slijtvaste pu bekleding met hoge grip

Rolls - Light/Medium

These rollers are used in conveyor belt installations with plastic conveyor belts or in roller conveyors.


Trough idler sets

We also produce lower and upper trough sets in our roller and drum factory.

Narviflex Productie Trogstellen

News items about Rollers and Drums

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