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Metal belts Esfo Range

Metal mesh belts are often used for transporting products with high temperatures (baking) or low temperatures (frozen).

At the end of July 2022, Narviflex acquired the Esfo Metaalgaasbanden factory in Enschede, the Netherlands. Requests and orders, as well as on-site visits for measurements by our care, can be done at your nearest Narviflex or Rindus branch. Your regular contact person is also ready to help you!

Below you can see the various types of metal mesh belts that we produce. You can also download the extensive technical information at any time.

BS Wide Spiral Band

BS wide spiral belts have been used successfully for many years in, among others, the food industry, metal industry, glass industry and chemical industry.

OB Wire eye conveyor belt

The passage of the belt is tailor-made by varying the distance of the individual wire eyes. This can be done by keeping the wire eyes at a distance using: of 1 or more underwelded wires (the localization wire), springs, rings, or bushes.

GRZK Mesh Belt

GRZK grille belts are made of high-quality stainless steel and spring steel wire materials. The wire diameters vary from 0.9 to 2.8 mm.

HO Honeycomb belt

The HO honeycomb belt is constructed from cross bars and a flat metal strip. On the sides of the tire the cross bars have a welded ring (welded edges)

RA Circular belt

The RA circular conveyor belt is used in circular systems, spiral towers, curved and straight conveyors.

SC Hinged record belt

The SC hinge plate belt is made up of hinges, connected with a cross pin and finished with a side chain or side plates. The cross bars are welded with a welding ring.

ST Bar band

The ST bar belt is made up of transverse bars, which can be connected to each other by S-hooks (selvedges) ZK, by chains HK or special brackets BK/ NB and VB.

MT Module band

The belt consists of plastic modules that are connected by stainless steel cross bars.

EBZ Biscuit Baking belt

The EBZ-Band is a widely used conveyor belt for the bakery industry.

Esfo metal Belts has been around for 40 years...

Take a look at our production in Enschede (Netherlands) in less than one minute
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