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Special Belts and Tapes

Our expertise is reflected in all our specials...

Narviflex kan uw tandriemen leveren vanuit haar productie in Geel : gelast, met bekledingen, vzv meenemers en stuursnaren, etc.

Narviflex is one of the only companies in the Benelux that can join and cover timing belts in its own workshops. We do this from our large stock. Joining of timing belts, on site at your machine, is also possible.


These belts are often small in surface area, but the demands placed on them require top quality: high speed, plenty of constant grip, transmission of high power, etc.

Drijfriemen en Machineriemen van Narviflex
Rondsnaren en V snaren in PU Narviflex - VAR Range van Narviflex Volta Belting

Narviflex is the distributor of the world leader in extruded PU belts (round and V-belts): Volta. We keep a large stock and therefore deliver quickly.

At Volta this range is called: VAR.


PTFE (Teflon) Belting

The PTFE-coated conveyor belt can be widely used in the food and textile industries.
Consider the processing of meat and fish products: grilling, baking and freezing food products can often be done efficiently using a PTFE conveyor belt.

These belts are also very suitable for drying processes. This concerns conveyor belts that are made of a glass or Kevlar fabric impregnated with PTFE.


Endless Woven Belts

Narviflex distributes the BGK belts, which are woven endlessly (without splice). This allows high speeds or high temperatures, as well as precision applications such as weighing.


Volta Power - Any length of belt is possible

In this range, classic belts can be created as specials:

  • Any length is possible, making one piece is possible

  • Production in white rubber is possible

  • Production with special coatings on the covering layers is possible

Volta Power van Narviflex - Elke lengte van rubber V-Riem en Tandriem is mogelijk - Ook witte kleur is mogelijk
Bandtransport Europe - Egelband 2.jpg

Hedgehog and cone belts are often used when harvesting potatoes, bulbous plants and various types of vegetables. This allows the vulnerable crops to be separated from clods, stones, sprouts and foliage and processed without damage.

Narviflex supplies belts that combine strong rubber profiles with the flexibility of a PVC conveyor belt.


Roof conveyors ensure increased efficiency and processing capacity when sorting and bunching cut flowers. The roofs (triangular cleats) are product-friendly and prevent damage to the flowers, while at the same time the flowers are kept well together until the moment of tying.

Narviflex Dakjesbanden uit kunststof.jpg
gaasbanden_1112_3a_nl_lr.pdf 2024-01-09 14-22-09.jpg

The Narviflex mesh belts , composed of stable, monofilament, coated polyester, are a good solution for applications where good moisture drainage is important.

As a specialist in the development and assembly of plastic conveyor belts, we at Narviflex continuously work on innovations that save you as a user or machine builder time, energy and materials.


Our polyester mesh tape with Fabplast® edge and transverse finishing is such an innovation.

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