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Services (Mounting options)

For quick help (at a standstill), choose the branch closest to you. They will go out of their way to help you. Click HERE for a list of our branches.

Services (Mounting options)

Installation of pvc/pu/pe/sil conveyor belts

The Narviflex Group can assemble pvc/pu/pe/sil conveyor belts from many places in the Benelux.

Installation of Rubber Conveyor Belts

Rubber Conveyor Belts are usually "the hard work", but we like that! Because we have the heavy equipment for it.

Mounting Modular Belting

In addition to fast assembly of our own modular belting, we can also install them for you

Mounting Metal Belts

As a manufacturer of Metal Belts (Esfo), we not only manufacture them but can also assemble them on site

COPS Mechanical Maintenance

COPS is our department that carries out maintenance and adjustments to your conveyor belt installation (mechanical work)

Narviflex Facility Support - Assembly works (collision protection)

Our technicians also install Narviflex Facility Support products, such as our PCK Collision Protection Devices

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