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CNC Cutting and Flexible Materials

We can cut through any material: high-speed ultrasonic Zünd knife cutting machines. Too thick or stiff? Then our waterjet cutters spring into action.

CNC Snijden en Flexibele Materialen Narviflex

For flexible and relatively thin materials (up to approx. 6 mm), we use our Zünd CNC cutting machines. These are made for cutting at high speed and capacity and are equipped with conveyor belts for feeding and exporting the materials.

We can (on your behalf) cut Zünd into, among other things:

  • PVC sheet, with or without fabric reinforcement

  • PU plate, with or without fabric reinforcement

  • Tarpaulin/cart cloth

  • All types of textiles

  • Cell rubber, cork and foam

  • Rubber, with or without fabric reinforcement

  • Cardboard, foam board


S.W.A.T. (Special Applications Waterjet Team) is the name of the department that manages our modern 5-axis waterjet. The waterjet is used for all departments and companies of the Narviflex Group (in 2 or 3 shifts, depending on the workload).

The STM machine, made in Austria, can cut in the X, Y and Z axis and also has a rotating head, the angle of which is adjustable. These are the 2 additional axes. This form of waterjet machines is often called: 3D waterjet.

Narviflex 3D Waterjet Cutting
Novapress Universal by Narviflex Rindus.jpg

With top materials for making gaskets and CNC Zünd cutting machines, we can quickly cut gaskets for you from stock, according to CAD plan, model or specifications.

Search Complete Materials Database

You don't know whether the material is cut CNC Zünd or Waterjet? Or are you looking for materials suitable for laggings? Or for Funnels?

Then search our entire database, including selection criteria!

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