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VBFL-15 VulcaBeast Special Production

These chevrons, 15 mm high, can be placed in one, two or three rows, each with a chevron width of 345 mm, on any type of belt by means of. hot vulcanization (Any belt width)

VBFL-15 VulcaBeast Special Production

The VBFL-15 (chevron height 15 mm) is applied to existing conveyor belts in the Narviflex factory in Belgium by means of hot vulcanization.

This means that almost all rubber tires can be used as a bottom tire. This includes wear-resistant belts, oil and grease resistant belts, straight warp tear-resistant belts and belts with a fabric underside for slide support.

The VBFL (FL stands for Flexible) chevrons can be placed in one, two or three rows of each chevron width 345 mm, with a maximum bandwidth of 2,000 mm, whereby the chevrons can be spread over a maximum of 1,345 mm.

Please refer to the Data Sheet for detailed information.

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