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VBLC-30 VulcaBeast Special Production

We can vulcanize these chevrons of 30 mm high in production at Narviflex on any type of belt by means of hot vulcanization (Any belt width)

VBLC-30 VulcaBeast Special Production

The VBHC chevrons (height 30 mm) can be applied to existing, special belt types at Narviflex in Yellow. This is done by means of hot vulcanization on the VulcaBeast press and is therefore by no means a gluing process.

Specifications :

  • Chevron height: 30 mm

  • Standard chevron hardness: 55 sh A

  • Pitch chevrons: 330 mm (3 per meter)

  • Minimum bandwidth: 500 mm

  • Maximum bandwidth: 2,000 mm

Possible chevron widths:

  • 350mm

  • 630mm

  • 915mm

  • 1185mm

  • 1390mm

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