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All the advantages of the best PU in the world, HP, combined with a positively driven belt concept, that is HP Compact Drive!


The HP COMPACT DRIVE® homogeneous conveyor belts are specially designed with a toothed profile on the running side and a smooth conveying surface.

The tooth profile is placed along the length of the tire in the center section or, in the case of a double tooth profile, on the sides.

The HP COMPACT DRIVE® belts are very hygienic thanks to their smooth edge surfaces.

The HP COMPACT DRIVE® belts are characterized by their positive drive system and unique process, because the teeth of the drive pulley fit perfectly with the toothed profile of the running side of the belt.

The return pulley has a smooth surface with a groove and this ensures that the belt is guided/steered well.


HP Compact Drive - Positively Driven Tires with Teeth


HP Compact - Homogeneous Belts without Teeth


HP Compact - Coating profiles


HP Compact Drive - Standard Pulleys



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