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HP Compact Minidrive

The Compact Drive (with teeth), with small pitch, which can be used on small pulley diameters (from diameter 20 mm)

HP Compact Minidrive


If the transitions between the conveyor belts and the size of the product require you to work with small roller diameters and you want a positively driven system (with teeth), then the HP Compact Mini Drive is an excellent choice.

Characteristics :

  • Small pitch of the teeth, so that the belt can run on small drum diameters

  • The teeth run in a groove, which gives the tire excellent steering

  • All the advantages of HP PU: high resistance to bacteria, resistant to chemicals and cleaning with chlorine. Totally resistant to oil and grease. Large permitted temperature range

  • Positively driven system = running with less belt tension. Tire lasts longer, as do the axles and bearings

  • EU & FDA Food Approved


Delivery program:


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