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Narvithane PUR 85

Spray Polyurethane of 85 sh A, with reasonable grip, most wear-resistant

Narvithane PUR 85

Our polyurethane coating makes your materials many times more wear-resistant, anti-stick, grip-increasing or friction-reducing or even EU food approved.

The PU coating Narvithane can be applied to virtually any material.

Fast turnaround times are possible. The coating is done in the Narviflex factory in Geel (B).

Narvithane PUR 85 is our most wear-resistant and universal polyurethane:

  • Hardness 85 sh A

  • Standard color: Blue (RAL 5017)

  • Other colors readily available

  • EU 1935/2004 Food approved. FDA 177.1680 (title 21)

  • Top Abrasion Resistance with reasonable grip

  • Elongation at break: 380% (elastic material)

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