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Novapress Universal - Gasket Material

Narviflex / Narviplastx / Rindus stocks a universal material, based on aramid fibers, bonded with NBR Elastomers, for cutting Flat Seals (Gaskets). Very versatile, which is why this material is also called "Universal".

You can obtain this from us (from our stock) as full plates, cut strips and round gaskets (possibly with bolt holes). This cutting is all done in-house, in the Narviflex Group, which is why we can deliver quickly, within a few hours, if necessary.

Novapress Universal Gaskets from Narviflex / Narviplastx / Rindus
Novapress Universal Gaskets from Narviflex / Narviplastx / Rindus

Delivery forms:

  • In sheet form, cut, with maximum dimensions: 3,000 x 1,500 mm (but any size is possible)

  • As a round seal (please specify: inner diameter & outer diameter)

  • As a round seal with bolt holes (enter: inner diameter & outer diameter, hole diameter and hole diameter)

  • As any shape according to your CAD drawing

  • Thicknesses in stock: 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3 mm

  • Narviflex / Narviplastx / Rindus can respond FAST here, because we have the basic material in stock, can quickly process your drawing in our CAD department and then read it into the Zünd CNC cutting machines. And all this within a few hours, if your machine or production is at a standstill

Composition and properties:

  • Seal/Gasket material based on high quality Aramid fibers and special filling materials, all connected using NBR elastomer

  • Testing and approvals: BAM, Blow-out VDI 2200, BS 7531 Grade

  • Color: Light Green

  • Surface treatment: PTFE non-stick coating

  • Resistant to Water and Steam up to +200°C

  • Resistant to Solvents and Coolants up to +150°C

  • Resistant to Oil, Grease and Gasoline up to +200°C

  • Resistant to gases up to +200°C

  • Not resistant to strong acids and bases

  • Resistant to highly dissolved acids and bases up to +150°C

  • Resistant to Hydrogen up to +200°C

  • Lower limit temperatures: -100°C

Table :

Narviflex Rindus Gasket material - Novapress Universal
Narviflex Rindus Gasket material - Novapress Universal


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