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Type W rubber covers are more than a letter!

A letter ! Type Y or type W?

But a difference between night and day. Rubber conveyor belts must be produced according to the DIN 22102 standard.

But let's delve deeper into what the standard says about the quality of rubber conveyor belts, including the wear resistance of the covering layers.

There are 4 types of indications for the quality of the coatings:

  • Type Z: that is simply not quality and fortunately is not used in Western Europe

  • Type Y: is the entry-level class and is most commonly used in Western Europe, for price reasons

  • Type X: is a special quality, for sharp pieces, to be used in consultation with our experts

  • Type W: is the top quality, with the highest wear resistance

For many years, Narviflex has chosen to produce all its rubber conveyor belts according to the highest anti-wear class type W, which is up to 50% more wear-resistant than the “entry-level” type Y.

When assessing a quotation, look at the wear indication (Type Y or type W). Type Y is often omitted, because the provider does not want to admit that they do not offer the top quality type W. So be sure to ask if it is not clear what quality is offered.

“I don't understand how your (Narviflex) conveyor belt lasts 3 times longer than the others' belts…” says the customer. We understand that. Type Y is simply much lower in quality and wear resistance than type W.

If you want to know more, you can first watch the video of the tests in the rubber lab ...

Conclusion: choosing type W instead of type Y can more than double the lifespan of your rubber conveyor belt!


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