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Impact Bars 45 sh A (Red) and 60 sh A (Blue)

Impact Bars are placed under the dump point (instead of rollers) to absorb the impact of dumping the product and also to properly seal the dump point.

Impact Bars 45 sh A (Red) and 60 sh A (Blue)

Specifications :

  • Wear-resistant rubber with vulcanized aluminum profile for attachment with T-bolts

  • Equipped with a wear-resistant HDPE layer on the top, which ensures that the rubber band slides well

  • One side beveled so that the tire is properly "entered" onto the impact bar

  • "Red": is 45 sh A and highly impact resistant

  • "Blue": is 60 sh A and stronger for larger pieces

  • The T-Bolts (items 300500, 300501, 300504 and 300500-TM12) must be ordered separately (packed per 25 pieces)

Table of Standard Programs:

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