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EC127 C - Closed Surface

Link tape with closed surface and pitch 0.5", suitable for small transfert points

EC127 C - Closed Surface

Product Features and Functional Benefits :

- Less vibration in high speed and nosebar applications.

- Wear resistance in high speed applications with tight transfer.

- Unique sprocket engagement reduces pulsation.

- Tight transfer applications.

- Tight transfer and high speed conveyors.

Applications :

• Bakery Applications : Row Dough Handling, Divider, Proofer Lines, Laminating Lines

• Meat Applications : Transfer - Crossover Conveyance and Metal Detectors

• Seafood Applications : Grading Lines and Weighing Lines

• Beverage Applications : Depalletizers, Accumulation Tables and Acceleration Lines

• Fruits and Vegetables Applications : Control and Sorting Tables

• Can Manufacturing Applications : Including Palletizers, Mass Handling and Accumulation Tables

• Tire Manufacturing Applications : Scalling, Marking, Sciver Cementing, Water Blow - Off, Tire Transport Horizontal

• Corrugated Applications : Down Stackers, Corrugator Take Off, Transfer Car

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