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EC254 R GT - Radius Grip Top Band

Radius belt for making turns that increase at the same time (spirals)

EC254 R GT - Radius Grip Top Band

Product Features and Functional Benefits :

- Available for light and medium load capacity.

- 180 degree high speed side flexing applications.

- High temperature and wear resistance.

- Unique locking system.

- Belt provides optimal open area for drainage and airflow.

- Unique rubber top eliminates wear and increases friction in incline-decline applications.

Applications :

• Meat Applications : Spiral Freezer

• Poultry Applications : Spiral Freezer

• Seafood Applications : Freezing Lines, Spiral

• Bakery Applications : Spiral, Proofing, Cooling, Freezing Lines, Pan Handling

• Fruits and Vegetables Applications : Container Conveyence

• Automotive Applications : Car Part Manufacturing, Battery Filling

• Packaging Applications : Tray Packers, Box Transport Horizontal

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