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SM127 FG - Flush Grid

Modular Belt 0.5" for small transfert points, flush grid surface with small contact surface with product

SM127 FG - Flush Grid

Product Features and Functional Benefits :

- Belt provides optimal open area for drainage and airflow.

- Less friction and product contact for easy cooking, cooling and freezing of


- Reduced dirt and oxide build due to self cleaning surface.

Applications :

• Bakery Applications: Divider, Oven Infeed-Outfeed, Cooling Lines, Coating-Glazing

Lines, Freezing Lines, Metal Detector, Spiral Infeed-Outfeed, Conditioning Lines

• Meat and Poultry Applications : Transfer - Crossover Conveyance, Shrink Wrapping and Metal Detectors, Freezing Lines

• Seafood Applications : Control Table, Glazing and Metal Detector

• Beverage Applications : Can, Glass and PET Palletizing-Depalletizing,

• Fruits and Vegetables Applications : Sterilization Conveyance, Draining and Metal Detector

• Can, Glass and PET Manufacturing Applications : Washer infeed, accumulation tables and palletizing-depalletizing

• Printing and Paper Applications : Printing Machine Outfeed, Stacker Outfeed, Wrapping Machine Outfeed, Book Binding

• Corrugated Applications : Down Stackers, Stock Handling-Buffer, Transfer Cart, Strap Feed, Casemaker Feeder

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