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Installation of pvc/pu/pe/sil conveyor belts

The Narviflex Group can assemble pvc/pu/pe/sil conveyor belts from many places in the Benelux.

Installation of pvc/pu/pe/sil conveyor belts

In plastic conveyor belts, there are many hundreds of types, often even specially developed for one market segment. Many of these are in stock at Narviflex. We often assemble and weld these on site at the customer:

  • On-site welding of plastic conveyor belts, from a few millimeters wide to a maximum width of 3,200 mm

  • Repairing and installing intermediate parts in plastic conveyor belts

  • On-site welding of drive belts, machine belts and timing belts

  • Installing conveyor chains and link belts

  • Installing metal mesh belts

  • Mounting and welding PTFE tires

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