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Installation of Rubber Conveyor Belts

Rubber Conveyor Belts are usually "the hard work", but we like that! Because we have the heavy equipment for it.

Installation of Rubber Conveyor Belts

Did you know ?

That we have a customer where we will vulcanize rubber tires of 38 mm wide on site (drag belts, filter belts)…

But that we also assemble and vulcanize heavy steel cable belts of 2000 mm wide and 35 mm thick?

This concerns new rubber conveyor belts. But we also frequently do repairs.

We would be happy to assess with you whether a tire can be repaired (often this is the case) or whether replacement is appropriate.

Repairs can be done by:

  • Hot repairs (local vulcanization)

  • Cold repairs (repair tires with glue)

  • Belt Connectors or Recovery Hooks

  • Placing the Intermediate Piece

  • Which method is best depends on the cost of the repairs versus the condition of the rest of the tire. Available drying time also plays a factor.

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