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Narviflex Facility Support - Assembly works (collision protection)

Our technicians also install Narviflex Facility Support products, such as our PCK Collision Protection Devices

Narviflex Facility Support - Assembly works (collision protection)

The unique single threaded rod anchoring system offers exceptional impact resistance and strength, fast installation, easy maintenance and minimal concrete damage upon impact.

PCK Protection from Narviflex can be installed up to twice as fast as comparable protection systems. The illustrations below show the installation procedure for PCKPost-S (Solid) and PCKBarrier-H (Hollow). You can do the installation yourself, or call on the expertise of Narviflex / Narviplastx. The concrete drillings pose no problem for us. When installing by yourself or by us, please check thoroughly whether there are any cables or pipes in the concrete. We are not liable for any drilling through this!

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