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PVC Weatherstrip Transparent

We also have the well-known PVC Weatherstrips in stock and can be supplied in rolls of 50 meters or according to your wishes, including the hanging systems

PVC Weatherstrip Transparent
  • Our transparent, flexible PVC is available on strips (draft strips) or in full-width rolls for you to cut yourself.

  • Color: transparent with blue tinge

  • Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C

  • Specific weight: 1.22 g/cm³

  • Hardness: 75 sh A

  • Elongation at break: 360%

  • Resistant to UV, ozone and weather influences

  • Transparent flexible PVC is used to make draft curtains and draft strips, to divide rooms, as insulation doors in cold stores and as machine protection.

  • Via the button you can see the delivery program on the Narviplastx site. You can simply request and order via the Narviflex channels that you are used to.

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