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Rotasheet 5/2

Wear-resistant rubber, provided with two strong inlays (thickness 5 mm)

Rotasheet 5/2
  • These Rubber Tires are produced in our

    Conveyor belt factory made on the

    Rotacure Lines. That makes them beautiful

    homogeneous and smooth.

  • Rotasheet 5/2 is in fact a light conveyor belt (EP 200/2 2+1 WR) and that has nothing but advantages:

    • Beautiful, homogeneous coatings

    • Inside there are two strong EP 100 inserts

    • The covering layers are much more wear-resistant than the classic rubber used for sheet rubber with inlay

    • Thickness: 5 mm

    • Number of inserts: 2

    • Available in any width, up to a maximum of 2,000 mm wide

    • Ideal material for cutting strips for agricultural mechanization machines, often with holes and slotted holes

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