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3302 PU Belt Guide Roller

If you decide to adjust the belt with side rollers, it is better to use a side roller that does not damage the belt.

3302 PU Belt Guide Roller

This roll and the brackets are always in stock at Narviflex and we can therefore help you quickly.

The steel roller is equipped with quality bearings and seals. The jacket is covered with a polyurethane sleeve in diabolo shape, which makes the unit very wear-resistant and provides more grip, so that the roller will always turn.

Assemble as shown in the figure in the Media Gallery. Order the supports/brackets separately, this ensures that the 3302 diabolo rollers are always mounted correctly:

  • Art. 3302: PU diabolo roll

  • Art. 3303 : Right support/bracket

  • Art. 3304 : Left support/bracket

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