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Martin Roller Tracker

This guiding roller from Martin Engineering can be used on 2-way belts and the installation is compact.

Martin Roller Tracker

When the world's largest manufacturer of scrapers, Martin Engineering, focuses on belt steering, they do not hesitate and come up with a working and professional product: the Martin Roller Tracker!

Advantages :

  • Simple installation and maintenance

  • Compact, takes up no more space than a normal bottom roller

  • Top bearings inside

  • No contact with the belt edges (does not work with side rollers)

  • Polyurethane coating for good grip and superior wear resistance (much more wear resistant than rubber)

  • Also suitable for two-way tires!

  • Interesting price

Technical data :

  • Roll diameter: 190 mm

  • Maximum belt speed: 5 m/s

  • For belt widths: minimum 500 mm and maximum 1500 mm

  • Shaft diameter: 50 mm

  • Fits between installation dimensions: 675 – 1842 mm

How does the Martin Roller Tracker work?

Always remember the basic philosophy of controlling conveyor belts:

With a rotating roller, the belt always goes to the point where it first touches this roller!

In the figure in the media gallery the tire steers to the right. Due to the design with the pivot mechanism in the middle, the Martin Roller Tracker starts to rotate: this causes it to be at an angle and the belt is therefore forced to go to the point where it first touches the rotating roller, in other words to the left and therefore the belt will run back into the middle.

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