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Mesh belts

The Narviflex mesh belts, composed of stable, monofilament, coated polyester, are a good solution for applications where good moisture drainage is important

Mesh belts

As a specialist in the development and assembly of plastic conveyor belts, we at Narviflex continuously work on innovations that save you as a user or machine builder time, energy and materials.

Our polyester mesh tape with Fabplast® edge and transverse finishing is such an innovation.

Properties of our mesh belts:

  • Extra stable and long lifespan due to special finish

  • Good steering

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to clean

  • Food grade quality

  • Many clothing options

  • Extensive range

Edge finishing:

Narviflex / BTE has developed a special, wear-resistant polyester (Fabplast®) edge and transverse finish, which is completely

fuses with the mesh. This ensures a thin, very sturdy edge, limiting the risk of side fraying

of the tire and ensures a longer lifespan.

During the production process, the belt is also additionally thermally fixed, making the mesh extra durable

gains stability. The latter makes an important contribution to the excellent steering properties of these tires.

Chemical resistance, FDA, EU:

Our polyester mesh belts have good resistance to various chemicals. They are, among other things, highly resistant to oils and fats.

These belts are frequently used in food processing industries and therefore naturally comply with the FDA and EU guidelines for food contact.

Custom finishing:

Narviflex / BTE produces the complete mesh belt itself. Not only do we apply the edge and transverse finishing and provide extra stability through heat fixation, the further finishing of the belt, according to your specifications, is also in safe hands with us.

For example, you can contact us for:

  • Making the belt endless (plastic or stainless steel connectors)

  • Applying steering strings

  • Installing straight or bent flights for ascending


Areas of application:

  • Vegetable and fruit processing

  • Washing and drying vegetables and fruit

  • Fish processing

  • Drainage, washing fish, shells


  • Filtering and sieving of sludge products

  • Treatment of polluted water

  • Drying and cooling processes

  • Drainage processes

Extensive range:

Narviflex / BTE mesh belts are available in different mesh widths.

Depending on the size of the (cut) product, the volumes to be processed and the required permeability for, for example, drainage, drying, sieving or aeration, you choose the correct mesh size.

Our range includes the following types:

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