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Belt Confection Possibilities

Guides on Conveyor Belts

Plastic guides are placed on conveyor belts as guide profiles, spill edges and cleats. We also give you tips regarding: the clearance of the groove.

Rectangular guide strips

Rectangular guide strips, usually toothed, are frequently used to help guide the belt

Full PVC and PU cleats

At Narviflex, these cleats are always secured by means of high-frequency technology and guarantee perfect adhesion.

Fabric reinforced cleats

These carriers are also controlled by high-frequency technology has been installed and is therefore firmly in place. They are available in PVC and PU and are 4 or 6 layer fabric reinforced.

Finger Cleats

Fingers are specially designed for the transport of products that require gentle handling, such as vegetables and fruit. Fingers are also very suitable for positioning products (such as light bulbs).

Asparagus Nipple Cleats

Asparagus nipples have been specially developed for the transportation of asparagus, but they can also be used for other applications. These low, soft nipples are fitted on the conveyor belt in rows.

Triangle Belts

Mechanization is increasingly important in the processing of cut flowers. Bandtransport Europe manufactures triangle belts specially developed for flower processing, which make the work considerably easier.


Sidewalls are ideal to ensure that your product does not fall off the belt.

Sealed Edges (Fabseal)

For applications where a high degree of hygiene is necessary, such as in the food industry, conveyor belts can be fitted with Fabseal® sealed edges.

Holes, Slotted Holes and Vacuum Holes

With our Zünd CNC cutters we can make any hole pattern. The holes may be round, rectangular or oval.

Hedgehog and Cone Tires (Pintle Tires)

With the help of Hedgehog and Cone conveyors, the vulnerable crops are separated from clods, stones, sprouts and foliage and processed without damage.

Mesh belts

The Narviflex mesh belts, composed of stable, monofilament, coated polyester, are a good solution for applications where good moisture drainage is important

Side Skirts

In order to prevent contamination of the bottom side of the belt and the conveyor, installations are often fitted with a skirting strip along the side of the belt or installation.

Additional belt coating and profiling

Sometimes the right tire, with the right coating and profile, does not exist in the manufacturers' standard program. But Narviflex can additionally coat the top layer and provide it with any desired profile

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