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Sealed Edges (Fabseal)

For applications where a high degree of hygiene is necessary, such as in the food industry, conveyor belts can be fitted with Fabseal® sealed edges.

Sealed Edges (Fabseal)

To fit Fabseal® a thermoplastic material, like PVC, PU or PE is sealed to the side of the belt by use of a special technique. In this manner, the fabric within the belt is completely sealed off and as a result protected against penetrating moisture and contamination by microbes, enabling improved hygiene control during the production process. This contributes to a longer service life of the belt and a better, consistent quality of your product, even during processes in which gauze belts are used.

Narviflex can apply Fabseal® sealed edges on:

  • PVC conveyor belts

  • PU conveyor belts

  • PE conveyor belts

  • Gauze belts

The advantages

Fabseal® sealed edges contribute to a reduction of your operational costs. Advantages include:

  • Risk of fraying fabric edges in the conveyor belt is ruled out.

  • No penetration of bacteria in the fabric; the belt is more hygienic.

  • No penetration of chemicals in the fabric and therefore no risk of delamination of the belt.

  • Belts fitted with Fabseal® can be cleaned easily, thoroughly and quickly

Long service life (sustainable)

Belts fitted with Fabseal® edge protection can be used in various industries, including:

  • Bakeries

  • Confectionery

  • Meat, poultry and fish processing

  • Dairy

  • Vegetables and fruit

  • Tobacco processing

  • Airports and general material handling

  • Rubber and automotive

  • Agriculture

  • Pharmaceuticals

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