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Fabric reinforced cleats

These carriers are also controlled by high-frequency technology has been installed and is therefore firmly in place. They are available in PVC and PU and are 4 or 6 layer fabric reinforced.

Fabric reinforced cleats

These carriers are also placed using high-frequency technology and are therefore firmly fixed. Due to the 4-fold or 6-fold fabric reinforcement inside, they are better suited for sharp products or if the attachments have a chance of running into the sides of the installation or the support wheels. The disadvantage of these cleats is that the sides have tissue and that bacterial growth is possible on them.

We have 2 types of fabric-reinforced cleats, the PVC version is placed on PVC straps and the PU version is placed on PU straps:

  • Fabric reinforced PVC cleats

  • Fabric reinforced PU cleats

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