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Narvicera Ceramic Lining

In wet and dirty conditions, the ETR70 checkered rubber coating may not provide sufficient grip. Then it is best to switch to Narvicera.

Narvicera Ceramic Lining
  • Thickness: 15 mm

  • Dimensions of the strips: 1,125 x 280 mm

  • Narvicera is made up of porous ceramic tiles, vulcanized in rubber. The back has a CR pre-adhesive layer

  • The strips are applied to a drum using a triple gluing process. The seams are finished with self-hardening polyurethane.

  • Narviflex can also apply this covering on site.

  • It is also possible to roll steel shells, on which we apply the Narvicera ceramic coating. These can then be welded onto the drum on site.

Data Sheet :

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