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Narvistar Green 85 MB

Our best premium PU sheet for hopper and transfert point lining. Equipped with expanded metal back.

Narvistar Green 85 MB


Premium PU (XP1813)

Rear end

MB - Metal Back - Expanded metal




85sh A

Oil and grease resistance


Wear value

< 66 mm3

Allowed Temperature Range

-40°C to +100°C

Coating on site

Upholstery on site is also possible

Available Thickness mm


Plate size

2,000 x 1,000 mm

Properties and Applications:

  • Equipped with MB Expanded Metal back: this makes the plate more thermally stable and also ensures that the bolts do not tear out when bolting.

  • Highly wear and cut resistant

  • Non-stick (simply spraying will rinse away the product if it were to stick to the wall/covering)

  • Absorbs impact and sound

  • Not food approved

  • Frequently used in the mineral and concrete industry: lining of funnels, weighing bunkers, silos, transfer points, etc.

Data Sheet :

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