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RedFine Plus K

Red/Pink lagging, very soft (35 sh A) and elastic

RedFine Plus K


NR Wear Resistant Rubber


Flat (No profile)





Oil and grease resistance

Do not use in contact with oil and grease

Allowed Temperature Range

-40°C to +80°C

Coating on site

Upholstery on site is also possible

Available Thicknesses mm

3, 5, 8 and 10 mm. Other thicknesses on request.

The "K" indicates that this is a special variant with a pre-treated layer of CR (Chloroprene), which reacts with the chloroprene in our rubber adhesives and therefore has excellent adhesion.

This material is also in stock in many thicknesses, without the special "K" layer, to be used if it does not need to be adhered, e.g. as a side seal.

Properties and Applications:

  • Exceptional mechanical properties (wear resistance < 60 mm3), elongation at break > 700% and tear strength > 30 N/mm

  • Highly resistant to abrasive wear from products with small grain sizes, such as sand, gravel, abrasive dust, etc.

  • Very non-stick

  • Frequent use as lining of sandblasting booths

  • Frequent use for lining extraction ducts for abrasive dust (e.g. in the glass or glass wool insulation industry)

  • Coating of pipes and chutes in the sand and gravel industry

  • Absorbing sound and impact

  • Use in shooting ranges to divert the bullets. This material is "self-healing", due to its high elasticity, no or very small bullet holes are created

Data Sheet :

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