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Finger Cleats

Finger cleats for fragile products

Finger cleats are suitable for products that require gentle and stable handling. They prevent products from rolling during loading and therefore becoming damaged or unusable.

In a humid environment, a finger band ensures that excess moisture is properly drained. They can also be used in combination with a comb to remove excess or hanging products.

Efficient installation technology saves money

Narviflex uses a very efficient mounting technique in which the fingers are placed individually (i.e. without a foot) on the conveyor belt. Our unique mounting technique saves time and money and the fingers are attached more firmly than with 'conventional' techniques, which contributes to the use and lifespan in your application. However, you can also buy separate fingers from us, or fingers already mounted on a base. We supply these fingers for various applications, customers sometimes also mount them mechanically, for example on a bar belt or chain belt.


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