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Volta DR - Chemical and Hydrolysis Resistant SuperDrive conveyor belts

Updated: Apr 11

This special version of Volta SuperDrive and Volta DualDrive is extra resistant to hydrolysis (including cleaning with steam) and chemical products (including cleaning with chlorine). All belt configurations (cleats, sidewalls and guides) are also available in this DR version.

Naturally, these DR versions have all the advantages of Positively Driven Conveyor Belts: no slip, always guidingand a construction can be made that makes cleaning the conveyor belts easier and safer.

For environmental reasons, Volta conveyor belts made of full PU are easier to recycle, because they consist of only one material.

Do not hesitate to contact your nearest Narviflex branch to discuss the right belt choice.

Welding (on site) of Volta SuperDrive conveyor belts or other brands of positively driven conveyor belts requires great expertise and professional knowledge. The Narviflex technicians are specially trained for this and therefore deliver a reliable belt connection on site.


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