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RoundFlex Lace Volta

Our latest innovation features an improved geometry designed to provide a superior grip on pulleys, making it compatible with a range of Volta belts, including Volta MB, MW, MB-MD, and DR materials, with thicknesses ranging from 2.5 to 5mm.

Narviflex RoundFlex Face superior lacing for Volta Belting
Narviflex RoundFlex Face superior lacing for Volta Belting

What Sets RoundFlex™ Lace Apart?

  • Enhanced Grip: Our lace fasteners, crafted from the same TPE homogeneous material as our belts, ensure a strong bond that won't tear off or separate from the base belt, offering reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

  • Versatile Application: Whether using metal pin closures or polyester pins for metal detector control points, our lace is adaptable to various operational requirements, ensuring seamless integration into your conveyor systems.

  • Efficient Maintenance: RoundFlex™ Lace provides a robust solution for situations where belting replacement or maintenance is unavoidable.


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