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Triangle cleats belts - Belts for Flower Processing

Mechanization has become increasingly important in the processing of cut flowers. After harvest, the fresh flowers must be processed quickly and efficiently so that they can remain in your home for longer. The production unit of the Narviflex Group in the Netherlands has been the reference for making plastic conveyor belts for processing cut flowers for many years! That is why this sector deserves to be in the spotlight.

Did you know that within the Narviflex Group we manufacture straps specifically for flower processing to bundle, defoliate, cut to size and bind bunches?

We also have experience with many other conveyor belts for flower processing. In addition to flat conveyor belts and belts with flights, wave edges and strings, we also produce sponge belts or conveyor belts with color lines for the precise sorting of flowers in different cutting lengths.

Why triangle belts ?

Triangle belts ensure increased efficiency and processing capacity when defoliating, cutting and tying cut flowers. The triangle cleats can be placed according to your specifications, depending on the size of your species and bunch size, while at the same time the flowers are kept well together until the moment of tying.


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