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Mc-Idler Composite

The tube is made of high-quality composite material (16 components in the mix). This is non-stick material, very wear-resistant and with many other “Premium” properties

Mc-Idler Composite
  • Development of Narviflex Engineering, in which she gets the best from 2 Narviflex factories

  • Shafts and bearings in steel, multiple labyrinth sealed

  • The tube is made of high-quality composite material (16 components in the mix). This is non-stick material

  • The thickness of the tube (composite material) is no less than 23 mm (with steel rolls this is usually only 3 mm, with HDPE rolls only 8 mm)

  • Unlike steel and HDPE carrier rollers, the tube is post-processed, as is the entire roller, after assembly. This allows concentricity to be controlled within a tolerance of 0.02 mm

  • The roller runs very smoothly (resistance less than 0.14 N). With steel and HDPE rollers the resistance is many times greater (2.5 N)

  • The roller can operate in an extended temperature range from -30°C to +120°C. HDPE rolls run into problems in the summer due to the expansion coefficient of the plastic. Our composite material has been specially developed for a wide temperature range.

  • The wear resistance of the roller is exceptionally high. At a high belt speed of 6 m/s, it only wears out 0.2 mm per year in a 24/24 environment. Tests with HDPE rollers show wear of up to 2.5 mm in one year.

  • The rollers are marked on the bearing pot, we can trace each roller.

  • We make the composite mix in large quantities several times a year, which is why the delivery time of these rolls is a little longer (if special production). However, we keep the DIN standard sizes in stock and we can help you with them immediately from stock.

  • You simply need to replace this role much less frequently. Because it continues to rotate, the risk of belt damage when the roller is stationary is also greatly reduced. Less replacement means less (expensive) installation costs and greater safety, because replacing rollers remains a dangerous activity.

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