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Mc-Idler PU

The Narviflex Mc-Idler PU is a high-quality steel carrying roller, the tube of which is covered with polyurethane as standard. This makes the roller much more wear-resistant, non-sticking and has more grip than a steel roller.

Mc-Idler PU
  • High-quality steel bearing roller (Multiple labyrinth seal, welded steel bearing cups, additional external seal)

  • The sheath is covered as standard with wear-resistant and non-stick polyurethane of 85 sh A

  • This coating significantly increases the grip and ensures that the roller continues to rotate, significantly reducing wear and tear or the risk of cutting through conveyor belts when the roller is stationary.

  • DIN sizes are in stock. Non-standard sizes require delivery time (12-14 weeks), due to roll production and PU coating.

  • We recommend this roll from a roll length of approx. 500 mm. For shorter rollers and troughed rollers, you can use our roller made of special composite, the Mc-Idler Composite.

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