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Mc-Idler PU Side roller

Our MC-Idler PU roller is also available as a roller with one side protrusion for use as a side roller

Mc-Idler PU Side roller
  • High-quality side roller in steel (Multiple labyrinth seal, welded steel bearing cup, additional external seal, one side blind cap)

  • The sheath is covered as standard with wear-resistant and non-stick polyurethane of 85 sh A (ozone aging resistant).

  • This coating significantly increases the grip and ensures that the roller continues to rotate, significantly reducing wear and tear or the risk of cutting through conveyor belts when the roller is stationary.

  • The shaft protrudes on one side, with external thread. This allows this roller to be mounted as a side roller to help steer the rubber conveyor belt. Unlike a steel carrier roller, which can damage the belt, our MC-Idler PU side roller is "tire-friendly".

  • Dimensions: 20/76/89 - 100RL, axle 60 one side M16x45 mm

  • Shaft diameter: 20 mm

  • Shaft protrudes 60 mm on one side, with external thread M16x45 mm

  • Equipped with steel tube, diameter 76 mm, which is hot-coated with 6.5 mm PU up to a diameter of 89 mm

  • Roll length: 100 mm

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