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NBL Idler (Steel Coated)

Classic steel carrier roller with steel welded bearing houses. Coated in blue color.

NBL Idler (Steel Coated)
  • Tube, shaft and bearing cup: steel

  • Welded bearing cups

  • Bearing: 6204

  • Higher wall thickness: 3.2 mm

  • Multiple labyrinth

  • A thick PA ring is first provided in the bearing cup, on one side of which the rounding of the pressed bearing cup is provided.

    This ensures that this ring fits nicely in the bearing cup and creates a straight surface against which the bearing and the rest of the composition of the bearing cup can be built up. And minimum play between bearing and circlip is provided.

    Other bulk rolls have a thin or slightly shaped ring here, which provides less stability

  • Painted (and therefore excellently protected against rust) in blue color

  • In addition to the multiple labyrinth, this role also has a double-sealed rain cover as standard. Our production data is also laser-engraved in this rain hood. Each role is therefore traceable.

  • With shaft diameter 20 mm and roller diameter 89 mm, we keep these rollers in stock in the DIN lengths RL=200 mm, 250 mm, 315 mm, 465 mm, 380 mm, 465 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, 950 mm and 1150 mm

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