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Volta PU Plastic Conveyor Belts

Narviflex has been Volta Belting's partner for many years, for their unique range of PU plastic conveyor belts. These usually consist of full PU (monolithic), i.e. without fabric, which has an anti-bacterial effect and greatly facilitates cleaning. Volta is also the inventor of the Positively Driven Conveyor Belt, the "SuperDrive"

Narviflex Volta SuperDrive - Positief aangedreven transportband - Volta is de uitvinder van deze transportbanden


Narviflex Volta SuperDrive Logo.jpg

SuperDrive™ (SD) is a Positive Drive belt that solves the key mechanical problems of classic flat belts, namely, slipping and off-tracking.

Reduce running costs (reduced cost of ownership): less (hot) water, lower chemical exposure, reduced cleaning time, more time for production.


Mini SuperDrive

Logo Mini SuperDrive Narviflex Volta Belting

Volta’s Mini SuperDrive™ (MSD) complements Volta’s positive drive belt range by offering the advantages of the heavier SuperDrive™ range in a smaller tooth profile format. The Mini SuperDrive™ belt solves the key mechanical problems of classic flat belts, namely, slipping and off-tracking. The teeth on the underside of the belt engage with the drive pulley and provide an unvarying, smooth conveying and transfer of product with no belt pretension required. The homogenous structure works smoothly and silently with minimal strain, thereby extending belt life and saving wear and tear on bearings and other conveyor components.

Narviflex Volta Mini SuperDrive Aandrijving Foto
Narviflex Volta DualDrive Foto met Meenemers en vacuümgaten


DualDrive logo Narviflex Volta Belting

DualDrive™ is a fully extruded positive drive belt featuring a smooth homogeneous character and integral teeth on the drive side which can act as built-in cleats.


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