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Blue PVC Tube Top Cleats

Blue PVC TubeTop cleats 40/50/60mm high in range

Cleats with a 'soft touch', these are the PTT 40/50/60 cleats that we have in our range as standard for you. These cleats are available from stock in three different heights:

  • 40mm

  • 50mm

  • 60mm

Our PTT, also known as the TubeTop, is a full plastic PVC cleat. With a round extruded eye on the top, it is very suitable for collecting products.

Products, such as potatoes, that are loaded onto the belt from above are cushioned as they fall onto the carrier.

With regular cleats there is a chance that the product will be damaged by impact on the robust top of a cleat. In addition, the eye of the PTT cleats has an extra stabilizing effect during ascending transport, so that the product does not simply roll off the cleats. If necessary, the sides can be sealed to prevent contamination.


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