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Pit Viper

The Martin Pit Viper has a one-piece polyurethane blade and is used to scrape off concrete, minerals, sand, chemicals, etc.

Master Cleaner

Thousands of installations later, we can safely say that the Master Cleaner has solved many scraping problems, at a price that won't break your budget

Narviflex EU Scrapers

Even our best HACCP HP belts, possibly with closed edges, can only perform optimally if the scraper also does its job properly. Only then will you achieve a TOTAL SOLUTION in the field of food safety!

Racloflex SW (U-Scraper)

Main scraper with carbide scraping tips, mounted on a PU body with lever system, which adapts to the (irregular) wear of the belt. This scraper self-adjusts and adjusts over the life of the belt and scraper blade.

PU beating roller Series 3500

The Series 3500 is a budget-friendly beating roller for beating chevron tires, which are tires that are traditionally difficult to clean.

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